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Welcome to our website. Relish and Whisky Magazine is your community for Whisky news, product guides, unique stories, and delectable recipes. Relish and Whisky celebrates local gastronomic to the angels’ share. Celebrity chefs offer engaging recipes, including and paired with your favourite spirits. Of course, the vast world of Whisky awaits, and our industry insiders provide all you need to stay in the know and on the cutting edge of the whisky way. Peruse our friendly pages and be a connoisseur, join the whisky life and relish it!

Relish and Whisky World and Relish and Whisky Canadian Craft Spirits published quarterly and available exclusively at the following Whisky Tasting Events across Canada. R|W Events. The Victoria Whisky Festival,The Ottawa Whisky Festival and The Kentucky Bourbon Affair. As well subscriptions available.

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